Employer branding, organizational culture, internal branding, labor market communication

We build strong employer brands

A well-known, appealing employer where people want to be part of… your company can become that too! You have to continually focus on building an inspiring company culture. And to guard and live that culture, both internal as external.

The external communication has to be in sync with how people experience it internally. This ask for a close working relationship between Marketing, HR, Communication and Leaderschip.

EBC, your guide on your employer branding journey

Employer Branding Company gladly assists you with every step of your employer branding journey.

Together we will discuss your questions and challenges and we will give you appropriate advice. Our advice and way of working are mainly tailor made. We could use one of our services or make a combination of our different services. For example:

  • culture scans
  • research
  • analyses
  • strategy plans
  • positioning
  • internal communication
  • culture programs and events
  • internal and labour market communication

What do you want to boost?

­and insight

  • What is the status of our current employer brand?
  • What type of company culture do we currently have?
  • How do we treat eachother in our organisation?
  • How do we build a strong company culture?

Employer communi­cation

  • What do we stand for as an organisation?
  • What drives us in our work and what are we good at?
  • How do we bring across our company story the best?
  • How can we attract and retain the right talent?

Organi­za­­tion culture

  • How do we communicate our values to our people?
  • How do we keep our people proud and motivated?
  • How do we create a strong company culture?
  • How do we ensure the best development opportunities for our people?
Employer Branding Company