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Become a true talent magnet!

We are Employer Branding Company and we are happy to support you in becoming an attractive employer. A strong employer brand. Embedded in the company culture. A true talent magnet. Attracting people that want to come work with you. And want to stay with you. Proud and passionate.

How can we help you?

We develop labour market communication, from website texts and social media strategy to recruitment campaigns. Also we develop internal communication, from organisational values and a culture book to internal culture programs.

Employer Branding is priceless

A strong employer brand:

  • attracts the right talent;
  • increases collective pride and engagement;
  • connects your employees to your company;
  • increases the productivity;
  • results in lower recruitment costs and lower sickness rates.

How do you create a strong employer brand? By working on a thriving company culture. Employer branding is more than recruitment and marketing alone. We unravel the true identity of your organisation and use that to build your company culture. A strong company culture increases the employee engagement in your organisation.

Employee engagement, what’s the score?

A strong company culture means high engagement. Our EBC motivation model consists of 4 pillars of employee engagement: autonomy, connection, trust and meaning.

Would you like to know how your organisation scores on these pillars? Let’s do the EBC Scan.


The outcome of the scan will be included in a report which we will discuss with you. Together we will boost your company engagement!

Employee Engagement Model.

Would you like to speak with us (no obligations) about your employer brand?


Excel in the new way of working

Which impact has the new way of working on the productivity and engagement of your employees? And what is the effect on the company culture?

We are happy to assist your company to (again) excel in the new way of working.

Curious about how your employees really feel about the current Covid-19 work related changes? Use our Connected @ Work Scan.


Also want to become a talent magnet?

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